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On 6/4/2022 G Hallows e:hallowspeaks (at) wrote:
s I have dreamt it I must make it a reality.The stars call me. Serious inquiries only please.

On 3/10/2022 Sabreena Rao e:babytoys.pk4 (at) w: from Lahore wrote:
If Your Kid Shows Passion Towards Music; Musical Instrument Toys Are The Best To Give Them To Satisfy Their Interest. Now Buy Best Quality Imported Amazon Products In Pakistan Kids Musical Instrument Toys Online In Pakistan With Just An Order.

On 3/5/2020 Yitz s e:yitzchokdetection (at) from brooklyn wrote:

On 11/13/2018 Brady e:mckmuze (at) w: from New Mexico wrote:
The Megamix is classic.

On 10/16/2018 Yiannis G. e:yiannis (at) from Cyprus wrote:
A friend of mine sent me this website. Enjoying listening to the Groove Megamix.

On 10/15/2018 Peter Leimgruber e:pj (at) from Orlando wrote:
I've been DJing for 3 years, and looking through these old sites makes me wish I was around in these glory days. Good music. Thanks for keeping this site live.

On 4/25/2018 AndiX e:64ktydsnrnkp (at) wrote:
Thanks for the website !

On 8/25/2015 ddddd e:ddd (at) wrote:

On 7/18/2015 kevindesroches e:kevindesroches95 (at) from montreal canada wrote:
I'm Kevin

On 8/2/2012 your girlfriend from endwell wrote:
I love you baby!!!

On 9/11/2011 addSEO e:info (at) wrote:
great site, regards from germany

On 8/30/2011 Redzack e:info (at) wrote:
Nice Site regards from germany

On 1/17/2011 chris lyles e:wildchrislyles (at) from marathon wrote:
Dude it's me chris from da club, how u been man?? well hit me up soon my b-day next month....thinking about going out...u workin the 27th if so u should hook me up wit a couple shot outs... dude Your friend, Chris

On 12/21/2010 Power P and Awesome A e:p_tolomei (at) from Hot Town wrote:
Big shout out to DJ Super D

On 11/4/2010 cherry morgan e:cherrymorgan (at) from new york wrote:
80 minutes of sexy house mix 2010-2011.

On 7/26/2010 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
Totally miss hanging out with the old crew at The Empire Club..........This one's for you and all the good times, Giddy Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 5/13/2010 DJSUPERD wrote:
all good...thought the comment was directed towards nobody posts anything on here much since the whole myspace and facebook thing took over. djing tonight at flashbacks and then saturday at flashbacks paradigm....stop down and have a drink with me and listen to some tunes. B)

On 5/12/2010 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
sorry about that comment, it shouldn't have been posted went to "click here to cancel" and it saved rather then canceled.........but on the other hand I was totally there for the friend, sorry for the other part didn't mean it, was blowing steam but didn't mean to post it......

On 5/11/2010 SUPER D wrote:
oh and my quote speaks the truth! keep it original. my close true friends should know they can pretty much talk to me about anything-if there was ever a problem.

On 5/11/2010 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
oh wait thats something i wrote from 2003...thought it sounded

On 5/11/2010 huh? from really? thought its was the other way around. wrote:
new mix coming soon.

On 5/11/2010 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
Dave are you posting on your own guestbook?

On 5/10/2010 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
On 7/9/2003 DJSUPERD wrote: who is there for the friends.....or who is there for the ride....question??????? Was totally there for the friend but got taken for a ride...........

On 12/5/2009 seynabou diouf e:seybatoudiouf (at) from dakar wrote:
like your music

On 9/29/2009 nicole e:nicfelice74 (at) from Vestal wrote:
Nice site- don't change a thing!!

On 8/9/2009 CoWbOyWaYnE from HtOwN wrote:
mmmmmmmuuuuuuuhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaa heard u were back spinnin the mrs cowboy and i will support yea when i get back from the box trip 2

On 8/9/2009 CoWbOyWaYnE from HtOwN wrote:
mmmmmmmuuuuuuuhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaa heard u were back spinnin the mrs cowboy and i will support yea when i get back from the box trip 2

On 5/18/2009 Rob Miller e:bh_Miller2151 (at) wrote:
cool site

On 2/25/2009 SUPER D wrote:
thanks for visitin! yes still outdated but hope to at least get a current mix on here soon if you are searching for one.

On 2/11/2009 chadoooo wrote:
I want your money...pOweRhOur!!!!!

On 9/25/2008 Jamey from Binghamton, NY wrote:
Yep... looks updated

On 4/5/2008 Chris Butts from Some fat guys inner thighs wrote:
I love man meat

On 3/27/2008 SebsoN e:gallery (at) from Dj wrote:
Greetings from poland :)

On 11/8/2007 john whistle e:whistle_7 (at) from raleigh wrote:
super D whats up man sites lookin good and the beat is hot sweet duuuuuuuuuud

On 11/2/2007 Danny Evans from Hotlanta wrote:
Pull up to the drive thru, let me eat real good, I'm a superstar boy, but Wendy's still up in the hood, you must have a dollar in your pocket, 'cause you can reach the ceilin', so the quicker the cash, the quicker the bacon, the quicker the fries, to the tasty frostie and then WOO!!! They're not much money, so buy that, my body type is listed, short and fat, Rollin' on juniors, hold the lettuce back, stay out my bacons, my bacons, stay the f out my bacons, cause it mine 'o' mine.

On 8/2/2007 mmugu e:mmugu (at) from lome togo wrote:
mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu mmugu

On 5/1/2007 Ber La Grrrr e:ambrosia82x (at) from Bing wrote:
Super D is my Rockstar Sidekick!!! Pirates beware!

On 4/24/2007 Josh Carhart e:jpc137 (at) wrote:
Super D saved my live, Super D rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 4/19/2007 Nukkah from Beerhamton wrote:
Sup Supahh D. Time for some Pregamin! w3rd! Let drop some phat 4/4 beats and get crunk. LOL. peace mang.

On 3/10/2007 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
Well, I'm just another dude outta Bingo, on the road eatin JBC's, People stood behind, but they don't seem to mind, ya see I'm only fuckin' five foot three, yeaahhh, sign the debit card receipt now, you know I have great expectations, you see I just spent two bucks on four pieces of bacon... yeahhhhah.. Junior Bacon everybody's eatin' gettin lazy, I'm five three and, frosty's and fries now yeah, yeaH ,YEAHHHH

On 3/9/2007 tunde e:sofia_mayam02 (at) from dakar senegal wrote:
i am a suseccful buisness man and ilove this site......................

On 2/28/2007 Rich Birdsall e:Rich.Birdsall (at) from BINGO wrote:

On 1/26/2007 Joshua B from JC wrote:
What up Super D? Hope you're good!

On 1/23/2007 B-DOG e:B_Conrad74 (at) wrote:
See you at Instinct Saturday. Look out it my b-day. Time for some drinking!!!!!! You the man D

On 12/11/2006 An Anonymous Visitor from alentown pa wrote:
what's up Super D? trek..

On 12/3/2006 erin e:erinwaye (at) from Binghamton, NY wrote:
YO YO SUPER D!!! See you at the HO HO #8 party Dec. 16th! ARE YOU READY TO PARTY??

On 11/3/2006 Corinna wrote:
Hi, I found your site on Google and it's great! regards, Corinna

On 10/7/2006 Danny Evans from Charlotte, NC wrote:
du...du hast...du hast meish...du hast meich grafarlrlr, do you love the jbc's , because I love the jbc's.......never!

On 9/28/2006 Jack wrote:
Hallo, echt gelungene Seite. Gruß Jack

On 9/25/2006 alicia e:fireworks_021 (at) wrote:
Hey there sexy...:) just stoppin by to sign ur guest book :)

On 9/12/2006 Dieter St from Germany wrote:
Schöne Seite weiter so, besuchen Sie uns doch einfach einmal auf unseren Seiten. Bis Bald !

On 9/1/2006 cielle e:cielleaugustine (at) from brixton wrote:

On 8/20/2006 TIESTO e:haszoiz (at) from KUWAIT wrote:

On 8/19/2006 Crazy Ol' Bug Eyes wrote:

On 8/5/2006 Kyle e:chillaxation (at) from JC wrote:
Yo Super D not a bad performance but your site can use some touching up. Get at me if you want a real site.

On 7/31/2006 the plume wrote:
I love dj super d. He's the bestest... :)

On 7/26/2006 Thomas e:tom (at) wrote:
Very interesting website! Great...

On 7/26/2006 Phil e:phil (at) wrote:
Very interesting site! Greetings from Austria!

On 7/26/2006 Tim e:tim (at) wrote:
Congratulations, nice site!

On 7/26/2006 Kai e:kai (at) wrote:
One of my favourite sites!

On 7/22/2006 zyrtec e:p from usa wrote:
Thanks alot. I really found what I couldn't find anywhere else. It's a big help!

On 7/13/2006 Shaun e:Kelly from Endwell wrote:
Whenever you're spinning the tunes, and playing Shakira, I'm in a trance. Can never get enough electronic/techno stuff. Keep playing that sweet, sensual sound of electronic silk in my ears. It's like drowning in melted electric chocolate.

On 7/13/2006 Jack Torrance wrote:
Wendy, let me explain something to you. Whenever you come in here and interrupt me, you're breaking my concentration. You're distracting me. And it will then take me time to get back to where I was. You understand? Now, we're going to make a new rule. When you come in here and you hear me typing or whether you DON'T hear me typing, or whatever the FUCK you hear me doing; when I'm in here, it means that I am working, THAT means don't come in. Now, do you think you can handle that?........Good. Now why don't you start right now and get the fuck out of here? Hm?

On 7/7/2006 Christuff e:djchristuff (at) from Kingston Jamaica wrote:
Nuff respect to you Super D. I am a dj myself here in Jamaica.I gotta sound system called KALICO INTERNATIONAL and one day i wish i'll be just as cool a dj as you are.BIG UP from this island paradise in the sun.ONE LOVE...

On 7/4/2006 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
Happy 4th! Giggity giggity.

On 6/23/2006 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
(Red Hot Chilli Peppers) Never made it up to Minnesota, fifty years from now, I'll probably look like yoda, but for now I'll tell what you what really gets my taste, don't let that buck go to waste.... Biggie Sodas, J-B-C's, Sweet and sour won't you please, no I'm not walking on my knees, With a frostie, I'm Five three, yeah, yeah

On 6/3/2006 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
A rythm to the rhyme, a rhyme to the melon, in case you didn't know BDC is a felon..... hooooooo raise yo mutha fookin hands fo da JBC

On 4/20/2006 Ms. Tracee Townsend e:tryt329 (at) from cleveland,ohio wrote:
What's up just dropping you a line trying to get in on what's new.

On 3/16/2006 Jamey wrote:
Is this the new updated site? I like it! You should keep it like this. It's snazzy!

On 3/14/2006 dj robot e:mcminnj (at) from kippen wrote:
nice site. can u send me 1 of ur mixes plz!

On 3/12/2006 the bra in iraq from htwon cause its where i role wrote:
yo 2 months and change to go. mmmmmmmmmmm juager mister and red bull, power hour(s), cdiddy passed the fuck out mmmuuuhhhhaaaahhhhaaaaa. soon man, keep it flownin cause i need a beer.

On 3/11/2006 wrote:
great site

On 2/19/2006 Shawn August e:IRuleRun21 (at) EmpireClub.Net from Albany, NY wrote:
I Love Josh Carhart

On 1/25/2006 DJ mjDUKE e:dj (at) from Johnson City, NY wrote:
Yo Super D!

On 1/18/2006 har har iraq bro from al asad, iraq wrote:

On 1/6/2006 Carol e:ccccahearn (at) from Greene wrote:
Hey Super DJ, I didn't realize you had such an awesome website. Thanks for sharing it with me...Keep up the good work. It is nice to know there is a Super DJ out there making so many people happy...

On 12/6/2005 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
yes updates soon! events

On 11/10/2005 mofa from malaysia wrote:
hey there super dj,i'm quite new in this djing thing but i damn luv about it, last time 3 year back i was playing techno in my hometown but it not going anywhere because of the drug are illegal here, so the place fuxk close & burn out. now i'm working i one of best hotel in here Hyatt Regency Jb, but i still luv to twist & turn at the dj consol, do you any idea how can i put thing back to square if i want to create my music at my new laptop, any good softwear that you could recommend to me, i could use it when i'm doing part time job at weekends

On 9/23/2005 Josh Carhart wrote:
Dave is a Super guy, and he deserves the best that life has to offer. Good things are comming.

On 9/16/2005 Carbon Fiber from Endicloud wrote:
Where my dawgz at? Beeeeeeeer!

On 9/14/2005 Karen e:ren246979 (at) from Binghamton wrote:
Hi Dave! told me to check out your looks the same as it did in February :) Me and DJDrewlicious miss ya. Ya gotta come down and visit us here in Daytona!

On 8/26/2005 cowboy wayne e:clubart20 (at) from ?????????, iraq wrote:
hey there one and all. im well. havent had alot of fun yet. its hot and it sucks. be home in december, 1-15. peace out on and all.

On 8/18/2005 Chauntell e:nastygurl224 w:Whats yo from Atlanta,Georgia wrote:
Hey watsup dj superd I just wanna say to all you fine ass single men even the taken ones im a real nasty gurl who enjoys sex in public and men that who know how to do my body gooood!*So al you horny men out there holla at ya gurl

On 8/18/2005 me e:dawn m83770 (at) from jc wrote:
just checken out the site awesome job

On 7/30/2005 djlarva e:djlarva (at) wrote:
just passing through, checked out the site & ur work its all hpye ....

On 7/18/2005 Phil e:proys (at) from H'ville wrote:
Just wanted to sign up so you knew I was here. Nice site. Had fun with the power hour. Gotta get HSD in the Empire before they close up.

On 7/17/2005 Power P and Awesome A wrote:
We likes them big booties from Thong Night at the club.

On 7/8/2005 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:

On 7/6/2005 J&S Project e:cvitaliano (at) from Naples wrote:
Hi friend your site is very good!! J&S project is born from the merger of the musical experiences of a DJ, Tony S, aka Antonio Smaldone, and of a musician Angel J, aka Angelo Vitaliano. The crossover between grooves "Old School" and electric resonance carried it to the idea of the J&S. Best regards from italy

On 7/1/2005 Dj Spale e:djspale (at) from Switzerland wrote:
Very good site ! Nice nice ! Thank you for this web site ! This is our homepage :

On 6/26/2005 DJ TERENCI from albania wrote:

On 6/25/2005 Dj Spark-e e:djspark-e (at) from Suisse wrote:
Very good website

On 6/21/2005 cbw from the world is my home wrote:
hey yes im off once agian and this time its not training. im off to fight and fight for real. just think of me when im gone and pray for my fellow brothers in arms and dont forget about cbw. i will miss you all and do all i can to get back safely. i will update you all when i can. i will be in kewuaitt very soon {next week}. PEACE AND ILL SEE YOU ALL WEHN I GET BACK

On 6/17/2005 you know who focker wrote:

On 6/3/2005 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:

On 6/3/2005 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:

On 5/28/2005 CBW from H-town pa wrote:
whats up all. oh so soon i will be back and then gone agian, come see me be happy for a bit before i go to the sand box. peace, june 9-18th.

On 5/22/2005 Dave wrote:
Medication time, medication time.

On 5/18/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
(Jim Croce, Operator) Drive thru person, won't ya help me with my food, Sweet and Sour better be on your menu. Isn't that the way they say it goes, Well I'm short and fat. Give me my burger so I can eat it, JBC's taste so damn fine and all that sheet, and I show, I'm only 5'4, and I hide it well, I wish my legs could stretch, bacon's swell. But it just isn't real, JBC's are a fucking steal.

On 5/15/2005 Power P and Awesome A wrote:
Hi to Super D......and all our bitches, HOs, and fans....yeeaah.

On 5/12/2005 Danny Evans, A.K.A. "25 cent" from C-Unit wrote:
I don't know what you heard about me, but I stand about 5 foot 3, Can I get a coke to go biggie, So I wash down my J-B-C, I don't know what you heard about me, also can I get a frostie, Subway doesn't interest me, 'cause I love my fuc@ing J-B-C's

On 5/11/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
1-2-3 and to the 4, JBC's cost a dollar so I better order more, Ready to make a purchase so drive on up, 'cause you know I'm bout to eat shit up, Give me the sandwich first so I can look like a bubble, Frosties and fries together now you know I'm in trouble. Cause this a JBC thang baby, bacon, lettuce, tomato going crazy, eatin' two or three won't phase me, I'm hungry so please don't try at Arby's. But umm back to the lecture at hand, I can barely reach the drive thru when I'm riding in a van, from a short man's perspective, and before I eats my sandwich I need some condiment-ives, you never know they could be burnin' my toungue,

On 5/9/2005 Scratchmaster L e:null (at) from Cleveland, Ohio wrote:
Check out the new site from Cleveland, OH.

On 5/8/2005 Dj Store24 wrote:
wow, outstanding website!

On 5/4/2005 Xiola from Columbus wrote:
Kemo the Blaxican has arrived to the forefront once again with his latest release, Simple Plan. To the delight of Hip-Hop gods throughout, KEMO brings with him a unique spirit, along with a realism that seems almost extinct. His music seems to be a fusion of both mind and matter - the kind of lyrics that brings us all back to reality. A reality that has to do more with substance and progression of the mind than it has to do with just trying to make paper by any means. Check out his latest music samples and video at

On 5/4/2005 CBW from ????????????????? wrote:

On 5/2/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte, NC wrote:
(Different Strokes theme) Well the world don't move, to the beat of just one drum, what might taste good to you, may not taste good to some, A burger was born, it was a burger of means, it wasn't called a Whopper, it was a junior bacon cheese, they got Different Cokes, they got Different Cokes, they got different Cokes like diet and classic, HOW TALL AM I? not a lot, so what, you'll have yours, I'll be short and I'll have mine, boy they will taste fine, 'cause they got JBC's, they got JBC's, JBC's rule the World! hmmmmmmmm.

On 5/1/2005 CBW from USA, PENNSYLVANIA wrote:

On 4/20/2005 JBC wrote:
Come get me baby,eat me all up....and dont forget,ill only cost u a buck

On 4/12/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
(Black Crows Hard to Handle) Baby here I am, I'm the man with JBCs, I can buy what you want, but you got order one for me, I got me some cold cool frosties, and I'm about to order more, make sure you get some sweet and sour, I'm only 5 foot 4. A Big Mac, costs too much and, that ain't nothing but all beef lovin', Hey lil' wendy, I loves me the bacon, they only cost a henni now dis around.

On 4/11/2005 terenc e:djterenci (at) from albania/shkoder wrote:

On 4/9/2005 J&S Project e:cvitaliano (at) from Naples wrote:
Hi friend your site is very good!! Please listen on my site, new release. Best regards. J&S Project

On 4/7/2005 CBW from H-TOWN wrote:

On 4/7/2005 faithful wendys worker wrote:
hey,i work there,stop in and ill give u them for 99cents

On 4/5/2005 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers...RIP from a sorrowful goodbye to an old friend from Danny Evans wrote:
It has recently come to my attention that Wendy's has made a few changes to the "Super Value Menu". Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers now cost $1.29. This news has disheartened this bacon lover.

On 4/2/2005 smiley face wrote:
yeah.....what's up with those a bad acid trip or something

On 4/2/2005 cowboy wayne wrote:
aol screen nam is as followed empireswayne

On 4/2/2005 cbwayne from miss wrote:
i miss real food and yager, stop it im going nuts

On 4/1/2005 The King wrote:
Come to Burger King,and see me,the gay ass in those commercials

On 4/1/2005 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:

On 4/1/2005 Hamburglar n Grimace wrote:
Come to McDonalds,where you can watch my fuck the fat blob up the ass

On 4/1/2005 Wendy wrote:
JBC's suck,everything from Wendys sux,what were u thinking??? Ive gotta go dye my hair

On 3/31/2005 COWBOY WAYNE e:gary.j.sienko (at) from hallstead, pa wrote:
hey hey its cowboy wayne here. i have 70 days till i return to the empire club. start the word june 10th i will be at the empire club. i hope to see all of you there. Hey D where gettin booco fucked up man. Peace out.

On 3/30/2005 Dave wrote:
Ravioli, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

On 3/29/2005 Dave e:Dave from Dave wrote:
Need Sleeeeeeeeeeeeep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

On 3/26/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
I bought a burger, but I did not buy a jbc, no no no, I bought a burger, but it was not a jbc

On 3/26/2005 Danny Cougar-Mellon-Evans from Charlotte wrote:
Little ditty about J-B-C's, bacon lettuce tomato on a beef pattie. Don't forget my biggie fries, I'm only as tall as those horse jockey guys. Oh yeah they say life goes on, long after the taste of your frostie has gone, hold on to that dollar, as long as you can, drive thru comes around real soon so please pay the man.

On 3/25/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
I was going to call American Idol, but I couldn't reach my phone. It was on top of a coffee table.

On 3/23/2005 Chris Butts w: I suck. com from Hance road. wrote:

On 3/21/2005 maria e:mariarodriguez6604 (at) from binghamton wrote:
dave its been real all the time hangout at the booth with you and everyone else but my time there is over and it is time to move on soooo with that in mind d keep doin what you do the best and never stop playing that techno and drinkin you yager!!!!! love ya maria GIDDY UP!!!

On 3/17/2005 Daniel O'Evans from Isle O' Green wrote:
Irish Limerick : O' me name is Danny E, I'm only 5 foot 3, if you got a buck, I guess I'm in luck, buy me a JBC. Give me some fries with that, they call me short and fat, give me a coke, I think I might choke on lettuce and all that.

On 3/15/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
...I used to do a little, but a little wasn't doin' so the little got more and more, I just keep buyin' JBC's, to get a little fatter than before, I've been buying from the dollar menu, Two jbc's, they won't leave me alone...

On 3/11/2005 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:

On 3/11/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
The Wendy's wind, came blowing in, from across the street, It lingered there, tick-led my nose hair, made me want to eat, It made me cry, those Biggie Fries, I'm only five foot three, my greasy friend, the Wendy's wind

On 3/11/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
(pdiddy) Give yo Money to tha drive thru and get yo math on, JBC, Cool Frostie, that I can munch on, Please don't forget my sweet and sour, I shrink half-an-inch like every hour.... (Refrain) Wendy's got some real good food from front to back, all the juniors in the world where the f%uck you at, where my burgers are at, where my burgers are at, I need some real good food, I'm short and fat.

On 3/10/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
(Rambling Man-Allman Brothers) I ordered a JBC Down in Georgia, I wound up paying $2.51, and all They friggin' gave me was a baked spud, I'm only Five Foot fuckin' one, Lord I was Born a Wendy's man, Trying to make a livin' buyin' all the Juniors I can, and when it's time for paying I hope you'll understand, they only cost a dollar man

On 3/8/2005 Jeff Evans from Charlotte wrote:
That's money man, that shit's so money.

On 3/7/2005 DJ Havoc e:djhavoc (at) from chicago - usa wrote:
Cool site you got going here, keep up the great work! WWW.DJHAVOC.COM

On 3/4/2005 Chris from Charlotte Nc wrote:
I just wanted to say I much I love writing and rapping on your site . And that Me and DJSuper D have somthing in common TTTSSSSSSSSSSSsss

On 3/1/2005 texas holdem e:info (at) from texas holdem wrote:
Are you still did not winning money at our tables on texas holdem?
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On 2/28/2005 Michael Jackson from Neverland wrote:
Ralph, even I don't believe you. Our press shows bias? We operate under a free press moron, so referencing a court decision made 50 years ago is a poor example to try and prove your point. It's hard to refute the fact that I've been charged twice now with the same crime. If OJ's house maid ends up murdered, and him and Cato said they were at Burger King at the time of the killing, do you think he should keep spending time searching for the real killers? You Europeans have this crazy notion that the U.S. media feeds the rest of the world lies, meanwhile you're obsessed with the small everyday happenings of a few inbred "royals" who serve no purpose but to be rich and publicized. (granted, our tabloids aren't any better) But you should really try to think the next time you want to spread the hate. Being German, you should know what real propaganda looks like. Besides, I've spent the last 25 years trying not to look like a minority. Now who's got some Jesus Juice?

On 2/26/2005 Atkins World e:Ralph (at) from N.Y. to Heidelberg Germany wrote:
Understanding Michael Jackson! We are products of our environment. The era Michael Jackson was reared; the United States media depict most minorities in a negative light. Look at TV shows from the ‘40’s ’50’s and early 60’s. They showed the world Stereotypical nuance images. To disassociate oneself with these negative images many minorities change their names, straighten their hair, rounded their eyes or lighten their skin to be respected as normal. I can recall some of the products and many are available in today markets. The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education, the supreme courts came to realize a generation of young blacks had a negative self-image partially due to the separate but equal policy. The power of the media influences millions of healthy, heavy people to be thin. Why? Because thin is in. People with dark hair should be blond. Why? Because blonds have more fun. A society that convinces a segment of its people to hate or change themselves is heading for disaster. Think about this, if you had all the money in the world what would you change on yourself and why? Have you made up your mine about the child molestation issue? Let us wait and see what comes out of this mess. Michael, I understand.

On 2/26/2005 COWBOY WAYNE e:gary.j.sienko (at) from hallstead, pa wrote:
What up Super d its cowboy. Im good in the deep south ill be home in june man. Ill be the in the groove in june so watch the pole. I gtg man, say hi to jeff and riely for me.

On 2/25/2005 texasholdem e:info (at) from texasholdem wrote:
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On 2/22/2005 Andy Sipowitz from NYPD Blue wrote:
Medavoy told me my partner was Zack Morris, I told him that an itchy asshole is equal to smelly fingers.

On 2/21/2005 Karen e:Ren246979 (at) wrote:

On 2/20/2005 shaggy wrote:
it wasn't me

On 2/20/2005 Herpie's commercial wrote:
I don't want to lose my days.

On 2/20/2005 Adult ADD from What? wrote:
Oh, I'm hungry.

On 2/7/2005 Herb Eavereaks from Athletespuss wrote:
Herbie says I once knew a girl who told me to kiss her where it stinks... so I took her to Binghamton

On 2/7/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote: good as a burger can be...throw in some fries biggie...mustard spicy, five foot three... baby you and me girl!

On 2/3/2005 DJ Michael P e:michaeldjp (at) from Bingo wrote:
Nice site Super D

On 2/1/2005 Dan Evans for real this time from Mulberry St. wrote:
This is an actual message from the real Dan Evans. Dave T hope everything is going well in NY call me sometime maybe you should visit. Oh yeah Chris Butts is a big fan of your web site. This is the frist time that I log on to your site. but aparentlly I write stuff all the time. see ya soon maybe in april?

On 1/29/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a midget friend so he'd be smaller, wish I had a jbc, they taste so good to me, they only cost a dollar.

On 1/29/2005 Joe Pesci from Goodfellas wrote:
Is he a friend of yours or a friend of mine, frankly you don't even know

On 1/28/2005 Herb Eavereaks from Infection wrote:
Herbie says the south loves NASCAR. Just like I like fat chicks.

On 1/28/2005 Lindsay Lohan from California wrote:
Woa, skittily-be-bop look at these, making movies, singing songs with my double d's

On 1/28/2005 aly hassan wrote:

On 1/16/2005 Kim Jung ILL from Pyongyang wrote:
Probably the only thing I won't say, is boner.

On 1/16/2005 BA Barracus from the A-Team wrote:
Don't give me that jibba jabba, I ain't gettin' on no plane foo!

On 1/15/2005 Michael Knight wrote:
Turbo boost KITT!

On 1/15/2005 Raven from Nam wrote:
They're all gone sir

On 1/15/2005 Covey Leader from Nam wrote:
Covey Leader to Raven... come in Raven

On 1/10/2005 Randy Moss from Minnesota Vikings wrote:
This Sunday, be sure to watch as I poop in Mrs. McNabb's Chunky Soup for one of my pantented TD celebrations.

On 1/10/2005 Uncle Jesse from Dukes of Hazzard wrote:
Bo and Luke were gay for not banging Daisy.

On 1/10/2005 Don Johnson from Miami Vice wrote:
I'm looking for a Heartbeat!

On 1/10/2005 Col. Samuel Troutman from Ft. Brag wrote:
If you bring that many men against Rambo you better remember one thing... A good supply of body bags

On 1/9/2005 the brave little toaster from disney wrote:
me and my appliance friends are gonna go on a journey to find our master! Masterrrrrrrrrrrrr, masterrrrrrrrrrr, where are you????

On 1/8/2005 Rambo wrote:
Sometimes I wake up and I don't know where I am. And I don't talk to anybody. Sometimes a day. Sometimes a week. Can't put it out of my mind.

On 1/8/2005 Rambo wrote:
We were in this bar in Saigon and this kid comes up, this kid carrying shoe shining box and it says ''shine please, shine!'' I said no you can pass and Joey said yeah and I went to get a couple of beers and the box was wired and he opened up the box fucking blew his body all over the place. And he's laying there fucking screaming, his pieces all over me, just like this, and I tried to pull him off you know, and my friend he's all over me and I got blood and everything and I kinda tried to hold him together, put him together and nobody would help! Nobody would help!

On 1/6/2005 Eddie Murphy from Beverly Hills Cop wrote:
My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time.

On 1/2/2005 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
People say I look like bowling ball with arms, legs, and an ugly face. Well, I say I look more like a scrotum that walks and talks.

On 12/28/2004 Cornelius T. Rabblerouser from Punksawtooney wrote:
Zoinks! It's almost 2005, it's hard wearing flannel and still staying jive. Did I stutter or stammer, when you wear baggy pants people call you the hammer. Furthermore they can't call you the ICE, because vanilla never danced real nice, and Ice tea, I always thought he was lame, until I saw the movie Surviving the Game, now I'm proud, to say I'm a fan, in Leprechaun 5 he was the f***ing man, As for Master P and the cash money crew, I was writing better rhymes at the ripe age of two, But I'm not mean, not like Ron Artest, whose new rap album is only 30,000th best

On 12/27/2004 Frederick Farnsworth III from Uptown wrote:
Christmas is best enjoyed with loved ones, unless you can afford a midget hooker dressed like an elf.

On 12/13/2004 Shawn August e:Yea Right w:I0wnj00.Com from Albany, NY$*@( wrote:
Dave! You gotta update this fucking website man. :) It's been a couple of years but I plan on making it down soon. Keep your headup!

On 12/9/2004 Danny Evans from Crunktown wrote:
(Yeyahh!) I got one buck, I guess I'm in luck, throw a jbc my way, Short Fat, Short Fat

On 12/3/2004 SUPER wrote:
ho ho project dec 18th

On 11/29/2004 Herb Eavereaks from North Pole wrote:
Herbie says forget what Santa calls "naughty" or "nice" because he has a fetish for midgets.

On 11/23/2004 The Madness from Anonymous wrote:

On 11/23/2004 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
stop the fucking madness

On 11/23/2004 Tom the Turkey from Plymouth Rock wrote:
Turkey is great this time of year, Be thankful and eat it with cheer, We'd be eating ham, or even spam, if all of us turkeys were kweer.

On 11/23/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Uncontrollable wrote:
Herbie says tell your girlfriend all is well. When she brings you on Jerry Springer, get ready to pop the question on stage, because it most likely means she loves you.

On 11/23/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Wetnaps wrote:
Herbie says violent video games are best played when you are unable to masturbate to explicit porno. After all, idle hands are the devils playground.

On 11/23/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Signofamoreseriousproblem wrote:
Herbie says when you walk sideways through an airport terminal you are going to Bangkok

On 11/23/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Yellowstain wrote:
Herbie says most people blame Yoko Ono for breaking up the Beatles. The truth is Ringo was Yassir Arafat

On 11/23/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Notbathing wrote:
Herbie says have your dog spade or neutered, unless you want to watch it eat it's afterbirth.

On 11/23/2004 Jerry Atric from Goodeats wrote:
Jerry says I have an outtie.

On 11/22/2004 Cary Meebignuts from Bowlingalleypranks wrote:
Cary says hold your head high, unless you like looking at your disgusting toes.

On 11/22/2004 Uma Titsarhurtin from Notwearingasportsbra wrote:
Uma says the movie Rocky would've been better if crapping thunder would've killed Mickey on the spot. We had to wait until #3.

On 11/22/2004 Howie Feltersnatch from Penthouseforum wrote:
Howie says watching pornographic films can cause jiggle eye and slippy fist

On 11/22/2004 Sharon Peters from Threesomes wrote:
Sharon says my name is as amusing as Herb's, but about Peters and not beavers

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Greenbay wrote:
Herbie says never eat chicken when you've just had eggs. You'll be confused as to which one comes first the next morning.

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Moutaindew wrote:
Herbie says wolves hunt in packs. So do cigarettes.

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Skoalsatins wrote:
Herbie says Ron Artest should have watched more Sesame Street. He would've learned that too many cookies can make you a monster.

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Pooh wrote:
Herbie says that one stop at a Taco Bell will stereotype thousands of innocent chauauas.

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Whores wrote:
Herbie says it's great when two hot chicks kiss. However playing banjo with a rusty nail can damage your esophagus.

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Playingwithbananas wrote:
Herbie says the Proclaimers are under appreciated. Dottle Lop Da

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Sweatyworkout wrote:
Herbie says while playing poker, don't forget that queens beat Jacks, Kings beat Queens, and dogs can't hold cards.

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Toomuchasparagus wrote:
Herbie say playing with fire can be harmful. Unless that fire is from torch , Then Super D riddled with ridiculus messages.

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Summersday wrote:
Herbie say killing bacteria and whitening your clothes with bleach is good. Trying to erase your Mighty Mouse Tatoo with it is bad.

On 11/21/2004 Herb Eavereaks from Forgotodoosh wrote:
Herbie say don't go driving without telling someone you love about the dangers of smoking while in a lead-painted room.

On 11/21/2004 chris butts farts from smelly town wrote:
you asscrack head i was nice and warm up above but now it is cold out here and trust me you will pay as soon as you smell me

On 11/21/2004 chris butts asshole from nc wrote:
poooooooooooooooof ahhpeeount barount cweeeeeeeeeeeeefph

On 11/21/2004 chris butts asshole from nc wrote:
poooooooooooooooof ahhpeeount barount cweeeeeeeeeeeeefph

On 11/7/2004 Dr. Zeus from Planet of the Apes wrote:
You damn people

On 11/7/2004 Dr. Moreau wrote:
Dave, that llama/chow chow/rat cross breed you wanted me to work on for you isn't goind as well as planned. So far it's the body of the chow chow with the neck and head of a llama, but the problem is that it has legs of a rat making it hard to walk. Could we just take out the rat all together? Get back to me on this.

On 11/7/2004 Drew Bledsoe from Buffalo wrote:
go jets

On 11/7/2004 Crazy Larry from Pee Wee's Big Adventure wrote:
My bike would kick your bike's ass

On 11/7/2004 Crazy Larry from Pee Wee's Big Adventure wrote:
My bike would kick your bike's ass

On 11/7/2004 Cherry from the chair at the playhouse wrote:
Man that was weird what the fuck was that?

On 11/5/2004 Pee Wee's Bike wrote:
I guess I am a cool bike, but sure's the hell don't feel like one. Try putting youself in my place, having Pee Wee ride you whenever he felt like and making that goofy laugh as he's doing it, can I have my dignity back? And now you're probably thinkg, "whoa! a talking bike!" Well he had that damn chair that talked so why can't I? He hardly ever sat in that, What the fuck?! and by the way, that chair is one retarded bitch if I hadn't ever heard one, I could go on. Pee Wee getting caught jerking off, well that's no suprise. He was always getting caught, usually by Cowboy Curtis. He stopped visiting for a while 'cause was getting quite digusted. What set him off was when he found him with that box the genie lived in on his lap. I'd be sickened by that sight myself. Too bad no one ever got to meet Vinny the VCR, nice guy, felt really bad for him. He hardly ever got to talk because Pee Wee was always shoving gay porn in him and forced to watch him do whatever. Whenever he's not around, I hear Vinny cry for hours threatening to throw himself off the television to end it all. There is nothing fun about this playhouse at all. If you want some fun, go to Blue's house, they're always getting wasted. Well, I think I'm going try to sneak back to the Alamo, there is a basement by the way, and a secret passage way that I didn't get to before, but SHHHHH!!!!! Don't tell Pee Wee. So long everybody.

On 11/5/2004 Fluffy wrote:
I am the chow chow, coo coo c'choo...

On 10/31/2004 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
T * W * E * E * T * W * O * O * F

On 10/30/2004 Pink Floyd wrote:
Money, get away, I've had my problems but you're still fuckin gay. don't go for my throat

On 10/30/2004 Steve Leadbeater from Port Dick wrote:
Man, that ain't right. I really think everyone should just chill. Like in the motion picture "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" when everyone banded together to help Pee Wee find his bike. That was a cool bike, almost as cool as pumpkin pie.

On 10/30/2004 Charlie Monk wrote:
Steve where is my money???

On 10/30/2004 Steve Leadbeater from Port Dick wrote:
Man, that ain't right. I really think everyone should just chill. Like in the motion picture "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" when everyone banded together to help Pee Wee find his bike. That was a cool bike, almost as cool as pumpkin pie.

On 10/30/2004 Johnny and Ben Z from Flashbacks wrote:
John: Can you hear it, that's my dog Rock, I taught her, to lick my cock, Hey, you can't stop me yo, because I look like Horatio Sanz had sex with Ralph Machio, wait a sec, gotta stop rap-en, Bubby 69's me so I throw it to ben....(scratches) Ben: Do I look fat? how's my skinny beard? You can call me what you want, just don't call me weird. come on down, to the Skeeter tonight, I'll mix you up a drink with my tattooed pipes, Leady is my number one, after dinner mints I consider his cum

On 10/30/2004 Dahiana e:shortyincontrol (at) from Bronx wrote:

On 10/25/2004 Chris Butts from BET Rapoff wrote:
Yo,check it, yo,yo,yo,yo check it,check it, yo , I spit venom on the mic,pounding my bishop is what I like, I like fat chicks whose feet are kind of smelly, When I am done spanking I like to rub my spooge on my belly, yo,yo,yo word

On 10/24/2004 Danny Evans from Huntersville, NC wrote:
Danny E in the place to be, droppin rhymes with super d, I know how to mix and even rap, did I mention I was short and fat, wicky wa wicky wa

On 10/11/2004 Superman from Krypton wrote:
Peace homies...

On 10/11/2004 Dave Z from TonyNanny'sasscrack wrote:
As hairy as that might be, I still love Bubby B....

On 10/11/2004 Krumpet Fucker e:englishrpussies (at) from Liverpuss wrote:
Paul McCartney was a bitch-ass fucker.

On 10/11/2004 Scottish Royals from Wallace wrote:
Ach eye, if it's not Louie, it's crappp!

On 10/11/2004 Dave Zelenyak from Bingo wrote:
What do you got going on? Assface, Louie B in the place the place to be, 2003!!!!

On 10/11/2004 Eric Purdy from Fuck Dave Henry wrote:
Fuck Dave Henry, he looks like Leslie Nielson had sex with Virg While Tony Nanny taped it.

On 10/11/2004 Dave Z from Jerkwater, USA wrote:
What do you got goin' on, that's a question for Pat Virgil, We miss ya time!

On 10/10/2004 Gault from Holidayland (Jerkwater, USA) wrote:
What's a matter Mitch, don't ya like water sports? Make sure to get 'em behind the ears.

On 10/10/2004 Abe Frohman from Chicago wrote:
Imagine all the with a dancing Japanese girl....woo hoo ooh wooh.... you may say I'm a pervert....but I'm not the only one....maybe someday you'll join us....and the world live as Yoko....

On 10/8/2004 DEE e:3lilgees (at) from london wrote:
Hi, my name is Daniel am new here and from West London, ( West Hampstead) We are currently marketing urban subculture merchandise which involves Skateboarding & Hiphop merchandise . We serve as a gateway for all those interested in hiphop stuff. Please feel free to check us out

On 9/19/2004 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
It's domo arigato, get your japanese right.

On 9/18/2004 Club Dancer/ Hot Chick from Harpursville wrote:
Tomo arigato, mr. Roboto

On 9/18/2004 Horny Old Man wrote:
That'd be awesome if you could send some Japanese girls to me!!! We'll work out some indentured servant plan.

On 9/8/2004 Dancing In Japan, Ltd. e:info (at) from Va. Beach,Va. Now in Tokyo. Big $$$.... wrote:
We pay up to 150,000YEN to anyone who introduces EXOTIC DANCERS to work in our clubs in TOKYO, that's about $1,400.00 PER GIRL that you find to dance in our clubs. VERY HIGH Class Clubs. Airfare paid UPFRONT, and Nice apartments available. Contact me if you are interested. It's PEAK SEASON IN JAPAN NOW. the girls can make from $8,000 to over $20,000 EACH MONTH. 2-3 month contracts Available. Mail me for more info! Thanks.

On 8/15/2004 Hurricane Charley from South Atlantic wrote:

On 8/15/2004 Run wrote:
Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good.

On 8/15/2004 Run DMC from Hollis wrote:
Jam master Dave checking out that sound the turn tables might wabble but they don't fall down

On 8/13/2004 DAN e:3gees (at) wrote:
Hi, Just want to inform you about new UK urban subcultures,, and peace and one love

On 8/5/2004 Christopher Reeves from The Planet Krypton wrote:
If I could dance, it would be to Super D's music!!!

On 8/5/2004 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
In the history of mankind, three major events have changed what we call "Western Civilization" forever. 1. Roman Conquest 2. Christianity 3. Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers

On 7/31/2004 BIG MARK e:NA from BONGHAMTON wrote:

On 7/18/2004 Scandalous Girls wrote:
You better Handle your Scandal otherwise we will handle it for you!!!! Much love to the llamas!! See ya in a few weeks!! =)

On 7/16/2004 georg wrote:
echt gelungene, fette site - r.e.s.p.e.k.t. and keep it going... greetz aus wien und noch einen superkreativen sommer !!

On 7/11/2004 ETBgirl e:etbgirl (at) from Binghamton wrote:
Wow're own site eh. Very deserve it!!! :o)

On 7/6/2004 Elaina e:emerritt21 (at) from binghamton wrote:
Hey dave waz up hope your kick'n it good down there can't wait to come down to binghamton and by ya a beer

On 7/5/2004 the girls wrote:
Wasn't Dave's birthday this past friday? I think you didn't miss it if you signed on the 26th!

On 6/26/2004 known superd from here wrote:
there's a time when people need to be themselves...sorry i missed your birthday...first time in 3 years..the mistake's is noted...good luck being you dave...always.....

On 5/31/2004 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:

On 5/9/2004 you must know wrote:
HMMMMM I hear someone is feeling left out b/c no one is signing his g-book, soooooo I figured I'd pay a visit to our beloved llama loving DJ!!!!! ;)

On 5/8/2004 Baby from Never Never Land wrote:
If I were a Rich Girl... I would not be in this town!! I would be on the beach with my own Cabana boy. But see Dave is worth sticking around!!!! = }

On 5/8/2004 Amber Bennici e:blonde4u_2204 (at) from Va Beach VA wrote:
Dave I love you, don't worry....

On 3/12/2004 big mike p e:iwannarunyouover (at) from binghamton wrote:
yo super d on the super mix wazz up your as hot as the fourth of july when your in the groove keep up the great tunes hot pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 3/9/2004 EdG e:edwardg (at) from Yonkers wrote:
Yo! D whats up... love the cd's man... catch you at the bar, and remember it closes at 3 ... lol...

On 3/8/2004 jimi la lumia e:fablalumia (at) from ronkonkoma n y wrote:
i understand you've been playing"For DJs Only"by Jimi La Lumia;THANK YOU! Coming soon is "Sorry NO Requests" b/w "Loud Enough" also by yours truly.Visit Strong Island's website for further details ;

On 2/28/2004 Keli Gold e:chicitamala69 (at) from uniondale, pa wrote:
omg!! lol i hear about you all the time on the radio....but when ever i am at the empire club you rn't there! friend jessie says she knows you and she has pics and fan here! :-) lov ya!!!wish i could meet

On 2/21/2004 AGBOGA e:AGBOGA4LIFE (at) YAHO.COM from LOME wrote:

On 2/17/2004 Gene from Blue Oyster Cult wrote:
I don't know about you guys, but if Bruce Dickenson wants more Cowbell, we should probably give him more Cowbell.

On 2/17/2004 Bruce Dickenson from Gold Records wrote:
I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more cowbell.

On 2/13/2004 D from lonley town where everyone seems to know you by name wrote:
have no fear...i'll be back once again to save some cheer!!!

On 2/8/2004 J&S Project e:cvitaliano (at) from naples wrote:
Hi friends, your website is very nice!!! We are J&S italian dj and producers house music. Please listen our new release:

On 2/5/2004 Brad K wrote:
supe D in the hizzzzzzzouse!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm jager!

On 1/30/2004 Ben Dover wrote:
I already have, Gay ;)

On 1/29/2004 Ben Gay wrote:
Don't pick up soap in the shower room!!!

On 1/29/2004 Ben Mauld wrote:

On 1/29/2004 Jennifer Lopez from The Block wrote:
Baby let's make a run for the border, I've got a hunger only tacos can stop, I know exactly what I'll order, 3 tacos, 2 tostadas and a soda pop...I need to make a run for the border, if you pay I'll take off my top, do you remember what I want to order, 3 tacos, two tostadas and a soda pop.... yeah and don't forget the hot sauce cholo

On 1/29/2004 wow wrote:
lol you people are nuts on this g-book!!!

On 1/28/2004 ehem... wrote:

On 1/28/2004 DT wrote:
yes.... yes... thankyou.... thankyou....

On 1/28/2004 DT wrote:
yo yo yo....check it...1, 2.....yo yo yo.... sitting here on me pute, wondering who to shoot, then all the email starts a flood'n....i say what the hell is this, someone be on my guestbook now i sit and figure, who the fuk is dis ni**er....then I say to myself wait, this is really great...this is really funny, this guy should be making some real a comedian, waiting for him to sign it again...and again...and again

On 1/28/2004 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
...we got nuggets on my left, fries on my right, put them both together sweet and sour all night, and after the drink it's the junior bacon, and after the junior, it's fries I'm taken, peel off all the lettuce cause me loves the bacon... So give me that junior, and a frosty, wash it down with a coke, sweet and sour some more, I said I was hungary...It's the remix about Wendy's, Sweet and Sour got plenty, come on and make me some nuggets, don't make me stop at Denny's, sippin on Biggie coke, come on and give me a toke, it's the freakin' tomato that'll make me choke...

On 1/28/2004 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
Hey man. This presidential race is crazy man. You know what else is crazy man? Short Fat Bastard Syndrome, or SFBS. I just hope someone cures SFBS. It is a horrible disease that afflicts many people including Danny Devito, Alf, Willow, Tatoo from fantasy island, and the people who represent the Lollipop Guild. Until we can cure this affliction, I'll continue to look like a chicken nugget.

On 1/28/2004 DJ SHANKER from The CLINIC wrote:
Hey Gang, it's me, DJ SHANKER. A lot's been going on lately. I see you kids are busy, and that's great. I find your songs amusing, but you know what's not amusing? Genital Warts. They're the leading causes of nick names like Toad-tool, speed-bumps, knotty wood, and french tickler. So remember, the next time you hook-up with that random floosy, check her cave for stalagmites. Sincerely, Your Pal SHANKER

On 1/26/2004 Howie Feltersnatch from Tha' Hood wrote:
bye bye miss muff diver pie, drove my scooter to your cooter, but your cooter was dry, so you sucked my balls, I shot it in your eye, singing this will be the day that you cry, this will be the day you cry. For ten years you've been on your own, because you're too fat to leave you're home, lift your flab to take a pee, come on bitch be simple, bitch be slow, that bitch can't count to 24, I knew she was a dumb whore, the day I made her Cryy......

On 1/26/2004 Greg Slosek from Pontiac Nursing Home wrote:
Girl you look taken, back dat ass up, here's another shot, why don't you back dat ass up, don't mind the mickey, back dat ass up, I speak French, come on and back dat ass up, You need a hotel room, back dat ass up, I'm old enough to be your Daddy, back dat ass up

On 1/26/2004 Shades End from Sweegs wrote:
Our music brings Derek C to Greene's, and he's like, let's go backstage, and we're like, but we're not gay, sell t-shirts, fat chicks you'll lay

On 1/26/2004 Fitz from Flushing Meadows wrote:
Hey kids, grab your beer and chaw, We're gonna go to Shea Stadium and watch Tug McGraw, Darryl and Doc blowing lines of coke, These New York Mets are no major league joke, We'll kill these big beers and get some more, I love living in the past, especially '84, Say, Ty and Jay, have you seen them yet? But they're so spaced out, Fitzy and his Mets, Fa Fa Fa Fitzy and his Mets, Hey kids, get your smokes and weed, HoJo and Mookie are the players that we need, John Franco and Gary Carter on the bench looking glazed, Fitz just funnelled in the 7th I'm so amazed, Betting on runs and number of hits, This team would've been sober if it wasn't for Fitz, Fitzy and the Mets, Fa Fa Fa Fitzy and the Mets!

On 1/22/2004 Mike Stevens from Rochaha wrote:
(cough, cough, cough) Inch of your...(cough, cough,) you suck at liffff...(cough, cough)

On 1/22/2004 Derek Carr from Isle of Green wrote:
(in Irish Accent) Oh, me name is Derek C, I'm only, five foot three, I have lots of spunk, despite me small junk, I srrewed Amanda P. But me true love is really large, her dinner comes on a barge, she eats for ten, I screw her and then, I get stuck under her lard. I look like a backstreet boy, penises give me joy, despite my love, when push comes to shove, I'd rather be sleeping with Roy.

On 1/22/2004 EMILY'S TOYBOX wrote:
Tomorrow there!!!

On 1/22/2004 Christopher Henry Butts from Neverland Ranch, CA wrote:
CHB’s in the house now ya hearrrd, smelling like garbage and a big fat turrrd. Obsessing bout Jacko’s how I spend my day, oh how I wish that Michael would just say, “Hey Chris, come here, I got somethin’ to show ya, just unzip your pants and lay here on the sofa. It won’t hurt a bit I promise you this, be a good little boy and I’ll suck your penis!”

On 1/22/2004 Derek Ceenatra from O-town wrote:
Strangers in the night, exchanging fluids, wondering with great fright, if he'd through this, he was making love, with a 1 ton girll..... Stangers in the night, she liked Doritos, they were strangers in the night, she weighed 200 kilos, when they said their first hello, she looked like Jello, sex was just a glance away, a warm inviting pie away....

On 1/21/2004 Jenna the Hut wrote:
Ha ha ha ha. Bit too wa cha Derek Cee. Ha ha ha ha. Doritos yo cho koo wookie. ha ha ha ha.

On 1/21/2004 Mike Brown from Oswego wrote:
One foot on the gas, and a hand on my beer hey. Too much BAC I can't pass no. What once took my license, now makes me pay, I have to go to rehab on Mondayyyy's, Go on and write me up for .25, put me in jail, wanted dead or alive, my car's gay and all that jive, I can't drive under .15

On 1/21/2004 Matt Fitsimmons from Mars wrote:
Whaaat Pussy? You don't like drinking, then you don't like me. Whaaat? I look a student from Fast Times at Ridgemont least I chaw you pussy. Corona is the thickest of all beer bottles. Whaaat? Those prostitutes were waiting for me to call. That's why there whores.

On 1/21/2004 Cable Guy wrote:
My name is cable guy not to gloat. Hey ladies come over here and take a ride on my boat. Hey guys I just stop over with out a call. Roofies make all the girls fall. For my tricks, my cable guy way. We all no it's the only way i get a lay.

On 1/21/2004 Ty Conner from Oswego wrote:
No one knows what it's like, to be skinny, to be hungary, with dumbo ears. But my stomach it's not as empty, as my tiny nutsack seems to be. I have hours, of kiddy porn, my love is Michael, and Peteyyyyyy

On 1/21/2004 Flanigan from Southern Tier wrote:
Rar, rar, rar I looooove the Empire Club and DJ Super D!!! Last time I was there I got some Double P from the three T's....Tim, Tom and Tony. I ate their bologny, they were so easy, after a couple of roofies, you know I'm no tease,i get on my knees, don't even have to ask please, give me anal at ease, pray to god you don't get a disease!

On 1/21/2004 Ty Conner from Oswego wrote:
No one knows what it's like, to be skinny, to be hungary, with dumbo ears. But my stomach it's not as empty, as my tiny nutsack seems to be. I have hours, of kiddy porn, my love is Michael, and Peteyyyyyy

On 1/21/2004 Dana from CNY wrote: name is Dana what's yours nevermind i'll just bang ya You try to give me pleasure you try to give me joy but when are you going to fuck me fat boy!

On 1/21/2004 Jason Ross from Mexico wrote:
My name's J Ross and I cannot lie, My car is wicked superfly, when I drive up with my itty bitty junk, and fat wing on my trunk, You feel sorry, that I had to compensate, but you notice those fingers are fat, digging those gloves I'm wearing, I'm a freak and you can't stop staring, oh fellas I want to with ya, cause I'm a flama, I'm looking at rock videos, bunch a straight rockers with normal toes, you can keep those joes, I'll keep my toes like meatbos

On 1/21/2004 Dana from CNY wrote: name is Dana what's yours nevermind i'll just bang ya You try to give me pleasure you try to give me joy but when are you going to fuck me fat boy!

On 1/21/2004 Christopher Henry Butts e:doosh (at) derp.clown.penis.fart from Bingo wrote:
Buttsy's mom has got it going on. She all he wants and he's waited for so long. People can't you see he has sex with his mommy. I know that it sounds wrong but he's in love with his own mom.

On 1/20/2004 Greg Slosek from Oswego wrote:
Yo, yo, yo, Dig it, my name is Slip, I am like 80, and my rep, is wicked shady, I make tours, all around the globe, I look like Eddie Munster, all grown, You think you can beat me, you are mistaken, I'm older than Ronald Reagan....(scratches)

On 1/20/2004 Chris Butts e:gslosek (at) from Bingo wrote:
Yo, My name is Butts there is no higher, if I said I don't like to gargle cum I would be a liar. My belly is white and big and Mike Stevens' hairy ass I surly dig. If you ever wanna pack fudge in Bingo, dial me up and let me know and you can spank my ass Mr. Slave style to and fro.......

On 1/20/2004 Lasgo wrote:
and now I stand here alone in the dark, without youuu....there is nothing more than I would like, to be with youu....i close up my eyes but i can't stop, thinking of you....and now i stand here alone in the dark, without youuu...

On 1/20/2004 Spock wrote:
I hear the klingons are orbiting around uranus.

On 1/20/2004 Wapio from Parts Unknown wrote:
Had a great time at the show last night but have some suggestions to make it better... First you need a machine in the lobby with extra sucking and vibrating controls for all to play with! Second, my leather mask hasn't been worn in a while, think you could have a party to accomodate me in that department? Keep me posted!

On 1/20/2004 Derek Cee from Sweegs wrote:
I was planning on hitting up a DJ Super D show recently in Bingo but something funny happened...On my way down I got lost and ended up in Dryden. Lucky for me I met this girl who I ended up banging named Amanda P, in 2003, it was something to see, got real freakeeeee, she was real dirrtyy, she was diggin me, oh baby!

On 1/20/2004 Cha-Ka from Land Of The Lost wrote:
Where the hell are Will and Holly?

On 1/20/2004 Jason Ross from Mexico wrote:
Daddy would like some sausage.

On 1/20/2004 Greg Slosek from World War I wrote:
Back in my day, we didn't have fancy computers so we'd send messages by Donkey. That Donkey's name was Chester. He was a good donkey, but he didn't like Peanut butter. You see, I invented PB in 1897 so animals could lick it off my old sac. Well, Ole Chester wasn't havin' it. So, I invented the tubes for toilet paper. But Ole Chester was to big to climb in it, up my keester.

On 1/20/2004 Tyrone from O-Town wrote:
My name is Tryone and I am white, just because I am skinny doesn't mean I can't fight. Some people make fun of me, call me Betty, because my arm looks like a strand of spaghetti. I don't listen to trance, but love to dance, gotta get a 300lber and get in her pants!Come on baby have no fears, come along fot the ride, hold on to my giant ears.

On 1/20/2004 microphone wrote:
check, check.....welfare check....

On 1/20/2004 testing wrote:

On 1/20/2004 Mike Brown wrote:
Mike, Mike, my name is Mike, in case you didn't know it, dick is what I like. Put in my mouth, rub it on my face, either way you put it, it has a great taste.

On 1/19/2004 Herbie Vereaks wrote:
Read my name. Read it out loud. Get it? Good.

On 1/13/2004 Fungus from Warm, wet, dark places wrote:
When I party, everyone tells me I'm a fun guy.

On 1/13/2004 the Underground (a.k.a. Millenium) from Bingo-town wrote:
Everyone falls in love sometimes, I don't know 'bout you, but it ain't a crime.

On 1/13/2004 Ol' Dirty Bastard from Brooklin Zoo wrote:
Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yay, shimmy ya.

On 1/8/2004 Amber e:ambergurly2009 (at) from Whitney point/hickvill wrote:

On 1/4/2004 Penelope Cruz from a Foreign Country wrote:
Ahhh how you say, hot dog.

On 12/30/2003 natalie thomas e:natalize11 (at) from liverpool wrote:

On 12/28/2003 Mike Jones e:Mike (at) soprojones.comREMOVE from Binghamton NY wrote:
Dave, Remember when we got into trouble together all the time, I still get into trouble but miss your company. MIke Jones

On 12/26/2003 SMIZIT e:darphin (at) from London, UK wrote:
Nice site, keep file sharing alive in 04: Fuck the RIAA!! Keep hiphop real. Peace

On 12/14/2003 NO! wrote:
NO NO NO!Just close your eyes. Forget your name. Forget the world. Forget the people. NOW GO INSANE!!!!!

On 12/14/2003 where did it gooooo?? wrote:
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII feel it deep inside me, can't fight it, don't wanna hide it, cause i'm addicted to drums and i'm a slave to the darkbeat beat beat beat.......... SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 12/14/2003 rap artist wrote:
YO..YO...YO....AIGHT wtf people this is a guestbook not a studio for god sake!!! go lay your non-rhymin' lyrics somewhere else!

On 12/14/2003 Flank Right wrote:
Me you and the llamas should all get together and have a good time!

On 12/14/2003 rap artist wrote:
YO..YO...YO....AIGHT wtf people this is a guestbook not a studio for god sake!!! go lay your non-rhymin' lyrics somewhere else!

On 12/10/2003 DJ FIGHTER e:ww.sam_aln (at) from Newcastle wrote:
wicked page mate your a toppa dj

On 12/9/2003 christian e:jright (at) from erie,pa wrote:
my name is Christian b and I put on house parties in erie,pa $3 bucks or a used dvd will get you into 3 partys for free now if there are any djs out there who would like to donate there time to crate a scene and to get there name out there by mixing a set at one of my parties e me the party starts at 10pm and it is till the last dj spins there is a parking lot next door i have had many house parties this year so the scene this party will be a strong one p.l.u.r. is what we are all about this is a b.y.o.b. party but please pass the love(share and share a like) e me for a invite as this is a privte party r.o.a.r. IF WE DON'T WANT YOU IN OUR PARTY YOUR NOT WELLCOME. e me for a invite

On 12/4/2003 DJ RUN from Hollis, Queens wrote:
It's Christmas time in Bingham-tun, D's taken beats and mixin' um, Freaks on the dance floor ready to play, Not knowin' all the time the MC's gay, Spinnin' the tunes, and rockin' the mike, He likes wait.. PSYCHE!!

On 12/4/2003 Underpants Gnome from Gnomeville wrote:
Phase 1: Collect Underpants. Phase 2: Phase 3: Profit

On 12/3/2003 Dr. Doolittle wrote:
I'm sitting here in a quiet room. Along beside me is a large guinea pig in it's cage. It just sits and stares at me, taunting me, perhaps trying to read mind. Turn away you evil bastard!!! That's right, eat your food, eat it all up for soon you will be sleeping. Muahahaha!!!

On 12/3/2003 Jeff Evans wrote:
Hey yo Danny, I hear what you say, I didn't know my brother, was gay, That's alright, we still keep in stride, 'cause all I'm here to do, is just get in your behind, I said a on and a on on and on, you don't even know until the break a dawn, I'll confuse you here, I'll confuse you there, talkin to ya drunk, and is he a friend of yours

On 12/3/2003 Danny from Charlotte wrote:
Ya yayayayayoyoyoy, my name is Danny, and I'm here to say, I love eaten nuggets in major way, cause I look like one, so come on girl let's have some fun, I ain't lookin' for love, or even tats, i'd rather you make me, some leather chaps, Cause I'm a cowboy, but I don't wrestle steer, I'm a rancher of, the hairy kweer, So don't come around me lookin' for some grub, unless you give me a foot rub,..(Dj scratch).....rub,rub,rub

On 12/3/2003 Aaron wrote:
Nothing less than amazing is how I describe the mix under the music link. Super D did an incredible job. Absolutely speechless!

On 12/2/2003 SUPER D wrote:

On 12/2/2003 georg e:gr (at) from vienna/austria wrote:
your site is really fantastic - i'll be back... greetz from vienna !!

On 11/28/2003 Santa Claus from North Pole wrote:
Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas Super D. Me and Mrs. Claus enjoyed our thanksgiving dinner. Then, I humped her like a little bitch. I had Herbie the Elf video tape it while other Elves pleasured other areas of the Mrs. They were busy using toys instead of making them, ho ho ho!. I was high on Meth too. Me and Blitzen were ripping bongs out of a tree ornament, ho, ho, ho! This North Pole weed makes you see things. Anyway, make sure you leave me cookies and some god damn vodka. Ho, ho, ho.

On 11/28/2003 Tom the Thanksgiving Turkey from Gobble Gobble wrote:
'Tis thanksgiving, and all through the house; Nothing was stirring, not even the couch: A large man ate turkey, his arms short and stout, he said "Old Country Buffet is open I'm out": This man likes food, his arms short and stubby, with a crappy goatee his would be Bubby.

On 11/21/2003 Snarf from the Thundercats wrote:

On 11/18/2003 Nitro Dj from Venice (ITALY) wrote:
Can I have the playlist of the downlodabile mix....TANKS!! T R A N C E 4 E V E R

On 11/17/2003 DJ Cool A.D.(Flying Over New York Ent.) e:djcoolad (at) from Boogie Down Bronx wrote:
I am feelin' your style. As I am shure you know mixing is a lost art and you are of the few who are helping to keep the business alive. Keep It bouncin and keep me posted on the next party....Peace

On 11/12/2003 Adora wrote:
Evil? You're the one who's evil rebel. I serve the rightful rulers of Eitheria.

On 11/12/2003 Skeletor from Castle Grey-Skull wrote:
I am spawn of the hell-beast. Bow to me and pay homage to my awsome red power.

On 11/5/2003 Jamey wrote:
Nothing amuses me more than to torment old people and force them to listen to hardcore trance over and over. HEEEEERRRRREEEESSSSSSS JOHNNY!!!!!! Take that Gramps!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

On 11/5/2003 Beer Devil wrote:
This is the Beer Devil, just writing to let you know that the contract on your soul is almost up for the year. If you would like to renew it, act quickly within the next three weeks so that you will be eligible to win a five year subscription for TV Guide and/or YM.

On 10/29/2003 Celine Deon from Canada wrote:
I'm a stupid, skinny, bitch

On 10/20/2003 johnny viscious from viciousville wrote:
i still believe in your eyes... i just don't care what you've done in your i'll always be here by your side...don't leave me waiting too long, please come by... we'll fly away...

On 10/18/2003 Neil Diamond wrote:
Babe she loves me, yes, yes, she does. That girl's outta sight yeah. Well she got the way to move me cherry.

On 10/13/2003 BIG MARK from BONGHAMTON wrote:

On 10/13/2003 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
To become a jedi, suck my green member you will, hmm? Path of true man washes wookie crack with tongue. Gross it is. Smelly you will be.

On 10/13/2003 Steve Leadbeater from Port Dick wrote:
Hey, did you ever see that movie where Louis Gossett Jr. was a weird looking alien, and Dennis Quaid was a human who becomes good friends with him, and adopts the alien's son? Sometimes I wish I could meet an alien and become good friends with him. Huh? Friends with aliens? Almost as cool as chocolate pie.

On 10/13/2003 Santa wrote:
the elves are commming!!!!!!

On 10/12/2003 Elaina Lazarus (laney) e:skymaster21 (at) from Binghamton wrote:
Hey Partying here in VA ain't the same with out ya guys. Miss the groove here in the army see ya Dec looking forward for HO HO. Adios Laney

On 10/12/2003 Melissa wrote:
hey there dave!!! just saying whats up and thanks for the smiles!!! keep up the great work you deservere it hun!!!

On 9/28/2003 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
i want my shirt back

On 9/27/2003 Danny "boom boom" Evans wrote:
Oh, that nickname was given to me by my good friend Michael Jackson. In fact, he had that same nickname for Gary Coleman and Emanuel Lewis. Now what do I have in common with those guys? Oh yeah I guess you're right.

On 9/27/2003 Danny Evans wrote:
Man, the other day I was at work, and all I could think about was 1000 penises covered in sweet and sour sauce.

On 9/27/2003 Danny Evans from Charlotte wrote:
They asked me to play Frodo in Lord of the rings because I look like Herve Villechez. (tatoo from fantasy island) But I turned it down. Exploit my image in a movie? I don't think so. So check it, I'm a butt pirate. Man, nothing's better than playing the skin flute and parking my little matchbox car in some guys hairy bunghole. PEACE!!!

On 9/26/2003 jeff evans from nc wrote:
yo man is he a freind of yours or is he freind of mine maaaarone

On 9/22/2003 Alana e:Shortstuff274 (at) from Kirkwood wrote:
Just want to say Dave your HOT!!!

On 9/21/2003 Jeff Evans wrote:
Hey man, you don't even know.

On 9/19/2003 Jen and Stace wrote:
YEAH DARKBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's our song!!! SHOT! Right, Stace????

On 9/15/2003 TECH HEAD wrote:
I feel it deep inside me, I wanna ride it, can't fight it, I might as well rely on the drum beat, DJ pump the low and frequency, can't hide it, I won't deny it, cause I'm addicted to drums and I'm a slave to the Dark Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat, SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!

On 9/14/2003 chris butts wrote:
ommmm ba shocka ommmm ba ommmm ba ommmmmmmmmm ba shocka i cant stop this feeling deep inside of me

On 9/14/2003 Ben Affleck from Hollywood wrote:
Hey, thanx alot super D. First my wedding was called off because Jen wrote that stuff to you, and then we broke-up because she caught me with my finger up Matt Damon's ass. Jerk!!!

On 9/14/2003 Ben Affleck from Hollywood wrote:
Hey, thanx alot super D. First my wedding was called off because Jen wrote that stuff to you, and then we broke-up because she caught me with my finger up Matt Damon's ass. Jerk!!!

On 9/13/2003 in honer of john ritter wrote:
da da da da da bur bur bur ba da ba da ba da da da come and knock on my door,ive been waiting for you,where the kisses and hugs are yours and threes company too

On 9/13/2003 mr.farley from california wrote:
I just wanted to take some time out and say that it was a honer to work with dj super d and jack tripper in one lifetime we will all miss you john

On 9/13/2003 ray parker jr. from new york city wrote:
when theres something strange in the neighborhood who you gonna call ghostbusters

On 9/10/2003 djsuperd wrote:
thanks for signing the

On 9/9/2003 Slobodan Milosevic from Serbia wrote:
Death to Crows!!!! I love you super D.

On 9/9/2003 Run DMC from Brizzity Bronx wrote:
Peter Piper picked a peck-a-peckled peppers, a ra-ra-rhyme.....Jack was nimble and he was quick, but Jack fell laughin' when he saw D's dick.

On 9/9/2003 Jennifer Lopez from the Block wrote:
Yo D check it, want to smell my ass before Ben does?

On 9/9/2003 George Lucas from Tatooine wrote:
The Empire Club STRIKES BACK, and the name is cool, but the party's always hot at the Icehouse.

On 9/9/2003 Lionel Ritchie from Motown wrote:
You're once, twice, three times a DJ.

On 9/4/2003 Mike "DJ Komar" Kruz from somewhere near Canada now wrote:
Da Boyz are back in town!!! See y'all on Saturday...

On 9/4/2003 maria e:mariarodriguez6604 (at) from bing aling aling wrote:
dave,whats up?? i see ya changed your pic....nice....n-e-way...see ya friday night, its been awhile but hey.......WHERE BACK!!!!!!!!!

On 9/3/2003 Rich Birdsall e:HawkJock (at) from same as you turntable monkey. wrote:
DEE! What's goin on... oh wait before we go any furhter, you need a shot. It's a Rico-con-cocktion of strong bulls!@T! AHHH better? Your a freek and we like it. aight, I dropped one, and..... I'm out C-YA!

On 8/20/2003 mc cooley benny z wrote:
boooooyaaaa yo d check it ,its me its me the b to the e to the double n to the y to the rad z.whats up playa just dropping a note usa bomb style on iraq.I was wondering if I swing by if you could drop a hot number on the speaker system for me.lets pick up some hot young chickenheads R.Kelly style.peace out bro

On 8/20/2003 Saddam Hussein from Baghdad wrote:
Hey, DJ Super D, it's me. remember when I used to babysit you and sing to you. Aww I miss that. Now I'm hiding and all have are the memories of your red hair....

On 8/20/2003 Brian Cole from Bighamptun wrote:
Dee Jey Soopur Dee is asom.

On 8/14/2003 Jen and Stace from Emptycott wrote:
DDDAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Keep playin' all our songs!!! We love ya!!! Gonna miss ya and the Groove after next week. :( Keep 'em movin....I'll see ya soon enough hopefully!

On 8/13/2003 karen e:karen21ny (at) wrote:

On 8/11/2003 TANIA e:LDYMAFIA31 (at) AOL.COM from ENDICOTT wrote:

On 8/6/2003 Howie Fetersnatch from Binghamton, NY wrote:
DJ Super mother-grabbin' D, in the place to be, 2003, Everybody's got to see, this man Tolemee, 'cause he's got the chickys, but he's got fleas, the magic word is please, girl get on your knees, peace.

On 8/3/2003 Minfhura from Chesapeake, VA wrote:
Love your megamix, D.

On 7/29/2003 KoldKadavr e:theautomann (at) from topeka, ks wrote:
Being head-injured, coma almost three weeks, find out what I found out when I went to Heaven. You'll be very surprised and enlightened by the Trinity's bombastic, mellifluous knowledge: With such a price-tag on our souls, human beings are clearly precious beyond cheap-o diamonds; Declarations can never describe how effusively rich, colorful, and illuminating Upstairs was... and is forever. Sign the Guest Book, too. God Bless You. PS Read 'Lui et Moi' by Gabrielle Bossis (published by a French/Canadian firm - all in English). A book that will give you a lot of insight and revelation-to-this-fallen-nation of how God Almighty works. DOMINUS VOBISCUM

On 7/28/2003 maria e:mariarodriguez6604 (at) from binghamton wrote: answer to your question is.......FRIEND!!! all the the still have to sign the beeeeeeeer bottle for me!!! love ya maria

On 7/25/2003 CLAM BAKE wrote:

On 7/24/2003 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:

On 7/21/2003 maria e:mariarodriguez6604 (at) from bing hamp ton wrote:
dave ....beeeerrrr..clams...and music.....damn isnt life interesting?? giddy up

On 7/9/2003 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
They're all there for the ride Dave. ALL of them. Count yourself lucky if there are one or two that are more.

On 7/9/2003 friend wrote:
the friend

On 7/9/2003 DJSUPERD wrote:
who is there for the friends.....or who is there for the ride....question???????

On 6/26/2003 Doctor Sound e:doctorsound (at) from Rome / Italy wrote:
Good work and great web site!! listen my house tracks on Enjoy ! :-)

On 6/22/2003 BIG DUFF e:DUFFSDEALS (at) YAHOO.COM from BINGHAMTON N.Y. wrote:

On 6/6/2003 An Anonymous Visitor from Originally from Bingo --- Now Fort Lauderdale wrote:
Surfing the net and found you. Next time I'm back home will check out the Empire Club. Keep on spinning.

On 5/29/2003 0:) wrote:

On 5/29/2003 dosethealien e:webmaster (at) from earth orbit wrote:
If anybody ever needs to talk to someone REALLY late at night you can always use Dave, just make sure you have your English to Beer Translation Book... MY BOY LOVES CLAMS!!! NO REALLY HE DOES!!! YOU DON'T BELIVE ME?? WELL YOU JUST GO AHEAD AND ASK HIM!!! HE LOVES BEER AND CLAMS!!! OH YEAH AND DJING!!! I REMEMBER THIS ONE NIGHT ABOUT A WEEK AGO WHEN HE WAS SAYING HOW MUCH HE WOPULD LOVE TO EAT CLAMS, DRINK BEER, AND DJ ALL AT ONCE!! I PERSONALLY THINK IT BE A GREAT IDEA!!! HE TOLD ME I'D GET HIRED TO CLEAN ALL THE CLAM JUICE OFF HIS RECORDS!!!!! See I told you to get the English to Beer Translation book out......... Have an Nice Earth Day, Dose

On 5/26/2003 Jamey wrote:

On 5/23/2003 Tarah e:x0x0babygyrlx0x0 (at) from Inman wrote:
Hey Super D! I was just wonderin if you ever go to Raxx in Spartanburg?

On 5/20/2003 Shawn August e:YouWishYouCouldFindMe (at) Hotmail.Com w:www.EmpireClub.Net from Albany, NY! wrote:
Just wanted to remind everyone about DJ Super D's MP3 within the "Music" section. I have known Dave for almost 4 years now and his talent is unmatched. Good luck man :)

On 5/15/2003 Jer e:gr8looks1 (at) wrote:
I assure you that if you have brownish-yellow colored teeth we can help... Come on people, don't deny that your teeth are an eye-sore for others to look at. Lets get serious here, do you really want ugly looking teeth? Didn't think so. Remember the teeth that you have in your mouth are yours for life, you should treat them as if they were best friends. Every time you speak your pearly whites show, or maybe they aren't as white as you think they are. If you drink coffee, cola or smoke cigs, then I bet that your teeth are pretty yellow. Maybe there is a solution. Every morning you look at yourself in the mirror, and how many times have you thought to yourself "Wow I really need to do something about my teeth"? Come on this is no joke, I know tons of people say this to themselves every morning. Now I have one question for you, what are you waiting for? We have the system to give your teeth a facelift! Now, I know some of you think that you're just too good to read this message and some of you think that this is just another message from someone trying to sell me something. Well let me tell you something, if you read this far, you're not! If you have teeth like I described above you can improve your appearance to others by choosing to act upon your thoughts. Whiten your teeth! For more info please visit Thanks Jer

On 5/12/2003 Jamey e:jmckan (at) from Binghamton wrote:
Love the fog machine D, fog and alcohol go great together!

On 5/9/2003 danielle from here wrote:
yea so i thought i'd sign your guestbook again ...ya know see what ur up to....i'll have to come see you at the club cause i miss ya :) never call me..*sniff*

On 4/24/2003 D.J.K.C. from Binghamton wrote:
Yo Super D! Can you give me back my Ricky Martin Record. You've had it since last April. Anyway, Keep em dancin bro and look out for the clowns backstage! Your main chicken wang..K to the C

On 4/4/2003 Desasta from GR, Switzerland wrote:
wassssuuup??!! You got some nice mixes in your "groove mix" i heard "nightfly" from b&j, riiight? Cool!! so, i'm gonna download your mp3-mix.. nice work!! keep the decks turning..

On 4/3/2003 J.J. e:jj (at) from Wilkes-Barre, Pa. wrote:
Shots D,...more Shots!!!!! Soon.

On 4/1/2003 maria e:nautica69usa (at) from binghamton wrote:
hey dave, still kickin' ass at the empire i see. i had lots of fun hangin out with you and the rest of the crew at the club.....those were tha days right? well have a good life and keep up the good work.GIDDY-UP!!!!!!!! love ya

On 3/29/2003 Jeff E e:Jefferyevans21 (at) from Charlotte NC wrote:
Hey dave oh I Mean Super D Lilly told me about your site its tight I been living down Here for 3 weeks now but I miss the little things write back I give ya my number so we can talk

On 3/27/2003 Jen from Endicott wrote:
Dave.....Good Luck tonight!!! Wish I could be there! Go show 'em how it's done in Bingo-town!!! See ya tomorrow night!

On 3/26/2003 Jamey e:jmckan (at) from Binghamton wrote:
You better kick some serious ass tomorrow night!!!

On 3/17/2003 5U43R D w:how much money u got? wrote:
Will the real super d please stand up?

On 3/15/2003 Cr0n1c e:Cr0n1c (at) from Asheville, NC wrote:
Wuzzzup DJ $upadave, I have known you for about 5 years now and you are the true SUPADAVE, i think super d needs to give up hosting rights to this site and let you take it over

On 3/15/2003 $upadave e:supadave (at) from Asheville, NC wrote:
Goddamnit!!! My name is and always has been $upadave, you bastard!

On 3/2/2003 Jamey e:jmckan (at) from Binghamton wrote:
Drunker than me??? No way, that's the first!Hell, I'm drunk right now! But hey! you were still on point tonight and kicking ass!Speaking of...Did you get some? Ha Ha! Later bro (Beeeerrrr...)

On 2/27/2003 Laney e:DjPaz1 (at) from Binghamton wrote:
Yo shout out to Dave your off the hook man keep it up check ya later....

On 2/25/2003 phil e:smartshorts1 (at) from wantagh wrote:
this is a great site

On 2/11/2003 Marijke e:marijke_11 (at) from The Netherlands wrote:
Cool great site, upload please !! Greetzzzzzzzzz

On 2/3/2003 BIG MARK from WHAT? wrote:
ne way whats up kid, herd ya had a phat set at the ho ho! cool cool. make that shit raw, we know its you and we know how ya do. peace, BML

On 2/2/2003 prowler e:velorod (at) w:http:/ from Harpursville wrote:
Hi, Are my teeth still on your kitchen table. Remember that? Werd.

On 1/28/2003 An Anonymous Visitor from bing-a-ling wrote:
hey super d, you are the shit. you and that chick, look cute together, you guys should hook up? what's up with that?? good luck with her man.

On 1/27/2003 Super D wrote:
yep i still need to update my

On 1/25/2003 The other "D" from Bingo wrote:
Yo bro this is a mad cool site.....Remember when we got naked with that chick together????.....Nevermind......keep doing that thing bro.......As always you are the shit......see you when where drunk..........Peace matt D

On 1/22/2003 Alyssa e:TearDrop1721 (at) wrote:
Hello. Slamming web site but, you sould get some more mixes on here. You rock the Groove!!!!

On 1/14/2003 maria and alyssa e:nautica69usa (at) from binghamton ny wrote:
dj super d is all that and then some. WE LOVE YOU. and we'll support you in whatever you do in your life. love always, your biggest fans, maria and alyssa

On 12/16/2002 IGBO-KWENU e:NDI-IGBO (at) NIGERIA.COM w:WWW from NIGERIA wrote:

On 12/5/2002 fuck ass wrote:
stop warning me!!!!!!

On 11/18/2002 Big Jig wrote:
I lost my teeth, are they on your kitchen table? word.

On 11/12/2002 BIG MARK from BONGHAMTON wrote:

On 10/28/2002 JOB e:MUGU (at) YAHOO.COM from LOME wrote:

On 10/25/2002 daygo style- 760 e:yoyoyofoo (at) from cali-daygo-760 sucka wrote:
im better than you... combinded!

On 10/25/2002 daygo style- 760 e:yoyoyofoo (at) wrote:

On 10/14/2002 Tom e:carpen23 (at) from Norwich wrote:
I went for my very first time and It was AWESOME!!!!! I love the music cuz it's non-stop kick ass all night long.......Which is the BEST!!!!! Everyone gets into the music and enjoys themselves. Just letting anyone out there know. So everyone should stop down at the Empire Club cuz it is a LOT of FUN!!!!!!!!!!

On 10/3/2002 Matthias e:fruchtzwerg (at) from Ravensburg, Germany wrote:
Bist Du der Typ, der jetzt wohl immer am Freitag mit DJ Furious ins Douala kommt?

On 10/2/2002 K'Shona from not this shitty town wrote:
your an ass!!!! I have never been warned you ruined my perfect record!!!!!!!!

On 9/28/2002 MUGU e:MUGUMUGU (at) YAHOO.COM from LOME wrote:

On 9/27/2002 jerry kidd wrote:
hey you are a fag!!! just playin bro. kick ass!

On 9/23/2002 Krista e:krista (at) from Los Angeles, Cali wrote:
Nice site!!

On 9/19/2002 dee e:danceangel55 (at) wrote:
ur awesome. play some techno this friday please. just at least 10 minutes :)request for the remix of robert miles children or lazard 4'oclock in the mornin

On 9/19/2002 sharp enemy e:sharp_enemy (at) from london wrote: best drum n bass happyhardcore jungle techno trance cds!!!!!!!!!

On 9/12/2002 Lilly e:D_lilly77 (at) from Charlotte wrote:
Hey can you play lost boyz.

On 8/23/2002 Shawna wrote:
DJ Super D is the best DJ ever! Hello!

On 8/6/2002 Elaina Lazarus e:Captian8 (at) from NYC wrote:
Hey bro waz up! Keep spinning the tracks and remember the one word above all BEER! :)

On 8/4/2002 Georg e:gr (at) from Vienna/Austria wrote:
hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria ! please feel free to visit our austrian music-site and leave us a note...

On 7/26/2002 DJ Boywonder e:aaron (at) from Bingo wrote:
Big ups to the Supa D Massif! Cheers!

On 6/24/2002 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
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On 6/19/2002 sooon wrote:

On 6/14/2002 Brian e:vlasak67 (at) from Binghamton, NY wrote:
Sup? Just wanted to say that you ar one of the real music makers, man. "Spreading the evil of real music to the rest of the word," that's us man. Keep rockin it.

On 5/28/2002 RhythmicVibe from Vancouver, Canada wrote:
Excellent site!! Hope to hear you someday!

On 5/28/2002 BIG MARK e:DABUTTASPOT (at) YAHOO.COM from MY HOUSE, MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

On 5/11/2002 Joshua Paul Carhart e:jpc137 (at) from Earth wrote:
Nice website Dave...needs more porn though

On 5/7/2002 heather e:hthdoug (at) from binghamton wrote:
hey baby,i found you! sorry i didn't make it to syracuse. see ya friday.

On 5/6/2002 Super D wrote:
still updating

On 4/12/2002 SUPER D wrote:
updating website very soon ;)


On 4/3/2002 Brandy wrote:
D in the house.....

On 4/1/2002 Uncle "SuperA" e:amauro (at) wrote:
can't download the music; it must be the way my computer is set up.


On 3/14/2002 Justin Case e:JustinCase (at) from Binghamton wrote:
Yo D! Get me in the groove man, I wanna host that sh*t and tear up the air-waves with ya! Ciao!

On 3/6/2002 Georg e:gr (at) from Austria/Europe wrote:
hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria

On 2/24/2002 Hector Robles e:hector01 (at) from Weehawken, NJ wrote:
Cool mixing, keep up the good work. I live in Miami FL. but I always consider my home town to be Weehawken, NJ.

On 1/5/2002 Brian aka Aaron aka "DJ Brocktoon" e:vlasak67 (at) from Binghamton and Potsdam, NY wrote:
Hey you're awesome. THanks once again for playing my mix of Spente le Stelle -- that was awesome. Keep up the great work and all the drunks groovin'. Peace.

On 1/4/2002 Carolyn e:cvl420zoe (at) from Syracuse,Ny wrote:
Nice page, you should come to Syracuse sometime to play :D Keep up the good work!


On 12/26/2001 Brandy e:BCG1974 (at) from Binghamton,ny wrote:
Hope to see you spin again at the next rave!!!!

On 12/26/2001 greg e:GreM8Ms (at) from whitney point wrote:
thanks for bein who you are dave wether you know it or not youve shown me a few things. i cant think of any one else id rather hang out with on christmas,fri, or any other for that matter. keep spinnin the good shit cause we all love ya. merry christmas

On 12/24/2001 Shawn August from Albany Baby!!! wrote:
DJ SUPER D! Sweet web site man. Keep rocking the groove and I'll be there (If I am still allowed :) )

On 12/24/2001 Stacy e:Babystace7 (at) from Endicott wrote:
Hey D you play all the good hip hop sheep I like!! Keeponplayin!

On 12/24/2001 Brandy e:BCG1974 (at) from Binghamton,ny wrote:
Best DJ ive seen!! You kicked it at the rave last night.....look forward to seeing you spin soon!!

On 12/23/2001 J.J. e:jj (at) wrote:
Hey D. Just droppin' by 'cause yer a sexy bitch, not like that though. Buh Bye.

On 12/11/2001 Jay Wolf e:JayCD100 (at) from Brooklyn by way of Apalachin wrote:
DJ Super D is the bomb. Nobody can mix trance into 80's hair metal like DJ Super D. He's also handy with the DVD remote, but can't hold his liquor.

On 11/26/2001 DJ FRESCO e:fresco69 (at) from NYC wrote:
Keep up the great work :-)

On 11/25/2001 Jessica e:pplbugme (at) wrote:

On 11/20/2001 Danielle Esquivel=) e:daniellealexis2 (at) from Endicott, NY wrote:
Hey there, kickass site...hope to see you when i come home to visit..i'll never forget ya..*Muah*

On 9/5/2001 Nick e:nick_303 (at) from Montreal wrote:
Hey hey Super D , Happy your coming to my party on the 17 of November, You will see Montreal is a good place for party. KIK IT HARD...

On 9/5/2001 Nick e:nick_303 (at) from Montreal wrote:

On 8/6/2001 DJ FRESCO e:fresco69 (at) from NYC wrote:
Great website: Keep up the great work... Thanks for signing my guestbook @ my website

On 6/14/2001 Amanda from Windsor wrote:
Hey Bambi!!!!Next shot's on me at Monks!!!!!!!!

On 6/14/2001 Tegan e:Sickgrrl5 (at) from Binghamton wrote:
What's up Tolomei!! You know who's man you are!!! love ya!

On 5/21/2001 DJ MUTHAFUKA wrote:

On 5/8/2001 DJ Finesse from Binghamton, NY wrote:
Watch out for Mr. Jon Tolomeias he sweeps up the East Coast!!!

On 5/8/2001 Hank Pudding from Binghamton N.Y wrote:
Super D you are my hero!!

On 5/7/2001 Shawn from Albany, NY wrote:
Sweet site man!

On 4/27/2001 Jen e:nyr35richter (at) from Endicott wrote:
Hey!! Whata ya know the guestbook's up! D, this site kicks! Had to stop and sign my favorite Empire Club DJ's page!! ;0) Keep spinnin all my favorite stuff!! I'll see ya soon!!

On 4/24/2001 DJ mjDUKE e:dj (at) from Binghamton, NY wrote:
Cool site man! Check out mine.


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